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My Approach

Overall my approach is eclectic and customized based on each person’s needs, background, personality, etc. I most value authenticity, honesty, compassion, and self-worth. I hold significant value on the impact of one’s family of origin and environmental factors. I am big advocate for boundaries and self-care. I work from where you are and I honor your needs regarding pace in terms of therapeutic goals, progress, and overall timeline. I believe everyone has strengths that we can work with and build from and I help you identify those strengths when you need assistance in identifying them.

Therapy modalities that I commonly use include family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion focused therapy, and psychodynamic. Other approaches I also pull from include Imago, strengths based and attachment.

I have been featured on CBS News, as well as newspapers and journals including Philly Voice and The Atlantic as the featured expert on issues including: Divorce, Millenials and Marriage, Sex, and Sexual Heath.

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